Marketing, Sales & NBD

Nice Consulting brings decades of experience providing strategic business development support to clients in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Leveraging industry-leading research resources and intimate knowledge of the current market landscape, we work as an extension of your sales force to identify viable opportunities that align with your product and pipeline strategy. In addition, we are able to present top-quality marketing and sales candidates with a proven record of driving results at leading industry organizations.  

Marketing, Sales & NBD Consulting Services

Pricing Strategy
Nice Consulting analyzes and measures your current practices for estimating cost of goods sold (COGS) against industry best practices, sourcing options and manufacturing train configurations to support you in drafting and executing more favorable service agreements.
Market Penetration Research
Conducting extensive market research to derive business intelligence, we support your organizational decisions around sales and new business development activity in specific sectors and regions. Utilizing industry database access and proprietary data and market resources, we provide you with a focused report of our findings as well as recommendations for action.
Product & Pipeline Research
Leveraging our market intelligence and research resources, we deliver a comprehensive report of specific products and pipelines that are relevant to your business development strategy. In addition to a report of our findings, we draw on both our accumulated knowledge of your business and extensive industry experience to recommend the best course of action to achieve your desired results.
Nice Match: Connecting Buyers with Suppliers
Nice Match is a platform that connects buyers and suppliers of contract pharmaceutical services. We focus on facilitating partnerships for the development and manufacture of drug substance and drug product for small and large molecule products in clinical phases I-IV, commercial and generic supply.