What You Need to Know to Get Started

Through Nice Match, we have worked to create a transparent system that delivers value to both buyers and suppliers of pharmaceutical outsourcing services. If our frequently asked questions do not address your specific inquiry, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Nice Match is a targeted service platform for innovators and invited / selected contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) to match industry needs with supply of desired technologies and available capacities.
All parties remain anonymous to maintain confidentiality. Only when a final match is achieved are the buyer and supplier revealed to each other.

Nice Insight covers data from more than 350 global CDMOs. This resource enables Nice Match to analyze and selectively choose suppliers with the right technology, equipment, available capacity and geography to satisfy the particular outsourcing needs. Market intelligence from Nice Insight, combined with long-established industry relationships through That’s Nice, is used to match pharmaceutical buyers with relevant outsourcing partners qualified to complete a given project. This is done within a discreet, confidential environment.

Nice Match carefully reviews the project requirements within 48 hours of contact and begins the process of matching top-fitting suppliers to buyers’ specific, but anonymous needs. Once identified, the supplier has no more than 48 hours to inform Nice Match of their ability to handle the buyer’s requirements.

Because of the urgency and importance of the buyer’s needs, it is necessary to reply quickly—within 48 hours—so that other suppliers can be evaluated.
Yes, of course. Buyers and suppliers are under no obligation in this model.
A Nice Match executive is a senior member of That’s Nice LLC management with extensive history, experience, knowledge and relationships within the CMO/CDMO industry. You have direct access to at least one of these individuals to support you in the process.
Nice Consulting provides strategic and specialized consulting for companies in life sciences by providing integrated services that help clients to maximize business opportunities and/or make informed strategic decisions. To learn more, please visit our Nice Consulting site.
An opportunity enters Nice Match as a need to be filled in the market. Nice Match will then use its business intelligence arm, Nice Insight, to match the requirements of the project to the services of our supplier network. The opportunity (by company name of the buyer) will then be presented to the supplier for acceptance or rejection. The supplier must respond within 48 hours of acceptance; otherwise, Nice Match will move to the next best fitting supplier. If the opportunity is accepted, further information regarding the required needs and contact information will be shared with the supplier to make direct contact with the buyer. Nice Match will either step out of the negotiation process or stay in and offer additional negotiation services, if desired. If and when a supply agreement is signed by both the buyer and supplier, the agreed upon service fee will be paid by the supplier to Nice Match according to the provisions and terms outlined in the supply agreement with Nice Match.

Suppliers cover CDMO services that are ISO, cGMP and approved by global regulatory bodies. Nice Match covers both drug substance and drug product for small molecules, and drug product for small and large molecules.

Suppliers are well known CDMOs in the pharmaceutical industry. Each company has been audited by regional regulatory bodies and has a history of quality, reliability and excellence. The Nice Match supplier network serves all parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

If business is conducted from these interactions, a service fee will be paid by the receiving party (supplier).