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connecting buyers with suppliers

Nice Match is a platform that connects buyers in the form of innovator and generics companies that have projects they need to outsource with qualified contract service providers (suppliers) that have the equipment, expertise and capacity to meet the project needs.

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Bridging the gap between capacity and demand

Nice Match has a network of contract manufacturing suppliers recruited by invitation only. These companies have the facilities, equipment, scientific expertise and capacity to meet the needs of projects that innovator and generics companies are seeking to outsource. Nice Insight – our research business – holds detailed data on the specific equipment and capabilities of the CDMOs, which supports the accuracy of matches and expands a buyer’s search, reduces validation time and accelerates timelines.

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Connecting the Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Community

Nice Match serves buyers and suppliers of outsourced CDMO services, with a focus on drug substance and drug product. Through our agency, research and content platforms, That’s Nice has fostered a vast network of suppliers, which Nice Match draws on to make connections leading quickly to qualified partnerships.


Areas We Serve

Nice Match focuses on facilitating partnerships for the development and manufacture of drug substance and drug product for small and large molecule products in clinical phases I-IV, commercial and generic supply.

Through Nice Insight market data and over 20 years serving the pharmaceutical outsourcing market, Nice Match has amassed in-depth knowledge of facilities, specific expertise, technologies, and development and manufacturing capabilities. Nice Match draws on Nice Insight research, which covers a broad range of data on CDMOs.

Industry Experience

Nice Match is able to deliver value to buyers and suppliers in terms of accurate, qualified connections based on the depth of supplier knowledge and data held by Nice Insight and That’s Nice.

Nice Insight has served the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing market with over 10 years of in-depth research for customers. That’s Nice has spent 22 years working with companies in the market on strategic positioning work. This provides unparalleled data and knowledge that support our matching service. We have successfully confirmed this concept by conducting an 18-month beta test.

Supplier Network

Suppliers are recruited into the Nice Match network by invitation only. We know their capabilities to meet buyers’ specific needs, their available capacity to handle projects and in-depth details on their geographic locations, experience and responsiveness. This supports our ability to cut down the qualification process for buyers and get things moving with the right partner quickly.

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Whether you are a buyer or supplier of CDMO services looking to align supply with demand, or simply interested in learning more about Nice Match, we want to hear from you. Tell us a bit about your needs, and a Nice Match executive will reach out to discuss a potential match.

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Through That’s Nice, Nice Match has strategic locations throughout the US, Europe and Asia. All Nice Match inquiries come through our New York headquarters.

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Nice Insight is the dedicated market intelligence division of That’s Nice, providing industry-leading data and analysis to drive qualified leads and enable an effective business strategy.

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